Welcome to SecArch Lab.

Secure Architecture Lab., Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo

兵庫県立大学 大学院応用情報科学研究科 セキュアアーキテクチャ研究室


Research 研究内容

For detailed research topics and publication, please check Jun’s web site. Also for students, please check [the slides for introduction to this lab (PDF)]

詳細な研究内容や出版履歴については、栗原のWebサイト を参照して下さい。 学生の方向けの[研究室紹介資料 (PDF)]もご参照下さい。

Member メンバー

Faculty 教員

Students 学生

Information to students. 学生の方々へ

If you are interested in studying at our lab, please check this page which summarizes how to choose your supervisor and our research style in this lab. If you wish to research in this lab, please contact Jun Kurihara before applying the admission exam. I believe that we should have a chat (F2F or online) beforehand in order to have good research topics at this lab and avoid any misunderstanding on our research.

Also see the list of guides for ‘good’ research (in Japanese).



Contact 連絡先